Attire unity

We all know how unified the current cheerleaders, band and alumni band look when performing in the same attire.

As alumni cheerleaders, we want to showcase that same unity and professionalism when we perform. We’ll be selecting new attire for on-field performances next fall. All alumni wishing to cheer with us must wear the required uniform.

Please review the outlined plan for implementing this change.

• Fall 2018: Society votes on new alumni uniform

° If you’d like to participate in the voting process, join us at the Dec. 6 society meeting.

• Winter 2019: Cheerleading alumni notified of the new uniform and how to purchase

• Spring 2019: Second opportunity to purchase the new uniform

• Summer 2019: Final opportunity to purchase the new uniform

• Fall 2019: All alumni wishing to cheer must wear the new uniform to receive a field pass


*An additional reason for this change is that some of our current attire has been discontinued by the vendor.