New attire is here!

Alumni Cheer Society Attire Store is now open. There is also spirit wear available for your family and friends – at 35% MSRP!

We are REQUIRING the new tops to participate in Alumni Cheer Activities in 2019 and moving forward, including the annual reunion. In 2020, we will be requiring the black shorts, but are optional to purchase now. We will have at least 2 more opportunities this year to purchase the new alumni cheer polos in spring and summer.

We will be also offering opportunities to earn your attire for FREE! Our first recipients of free polos are the alumni that participated in Hyper Friday:
Duane Adams
JR Buckley
Ricky Cole
Mike Hagens
Jan Giangardella
Wendy Gomez
Gordon Rankin
Trisha Rich

Our shop details
Access code: osucheer19

Store open from: Jan. 7-15, 2019