The merging of Cheer and Brutus alumni

What’s up with this “merger” of Brutus and Cheer Alumni? 

Brutus and Cheer have naturally been perfect partners throughout our history at Ohio State. As an alumni society, we made assumptions that Brutus alumni could join in as they wanted to cheer alumni activities, specifically our reunion. We realize that it isn’t to the standards of inclusiveness that we value.

We started the process to make sure that our Alumni Society officially included cheer AND Brutus alumni through various methods, starting with the name of the society – Cheer and Brutus Alumni Society.

We know these two groups also have their own identities and personal connections. Endowments for scholarships will remain separate. When you are paying dues or making a donation, you can choose which fund your dollars benefit. We will also leverage our treasurers to allocate fundraising dollars to the appropriate funds. Stay tuned for more ways we are coming together! 

Cheerleader Scholarship FundBrutus Scholarship Fund